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Trump Offered $5 Mill. To Certify Top Campaign Officials Didn’t Run Massive Fake News Network During Election

Tech millionaire Cyrus Massoumi is offering to donate $5,000,000.00 USD to the Wounded Warriors Project if top Trump campaign officials sign an affidavit that they had no involvement with TruthFeed news networkduring the 2016 presidential campaign.

Massoumi is a tech expert who made his fortune at a young age. He has been profiled by Buzzfeed (1) (2) (3) and Bloomberg News.

Mr. Massoumi has verified through independent research that Truthfeed subverted the integrity of the electoral process while its proprietors profited from the advertising revenue accumulated from the dispersal of fake, sensationalist news on the social media site Facebook. Specifically, Mr. Massoumi has found evidence that links former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson to Truthfeed.

On March 30th, Mr. Massoumi sent an extensive memo to Special Counsel Mueller addressing his findings that Manafort and Pierson may have committed federal crimes during the presidential election. The memo detailed interpersonal and financial relationships between top Trump campaign staff and an IP address associated with the dissemination of fake news. Mr. Massoumi estimates the advertising revenue collected through Facebook to those associated with the campaign totals in the tens of millions.

Attached is the agreement drafted by Mr. Massoumi detailing his offer to Mr. Trump and his associates.

I hereby certify that in the event that President Trump, Katrina Pierson, and Paul Manafort provide documentation certifying under penalty of perjury that they had no relationship, either personal or financial, with the TruthFeed network, I will make a $5,000,000 donation to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Note: I will amend this document not to change the spirit of this agreement, but to make my obligation to make the payment more binding, not less. (Such as notarizing this document, and I am willing for opposing counsel to submit language that they find amenable, in the event they find mine insufficient. Requests I will oblige if they are reasonable.

  1. I relinquish my right to bankruptcy out of the $5,000,000 donation to Wounded Warriors in the event of documents aforementioned being produced.
  2. In the event that I am not able to pay the amount in full after liquidating my bank accounts and liquid assets, I hereby certify that I will sell every asset which I own, including all membership stake in every company of which I am a member, in order to meet this debt obligation.

I make this agreement as an individual, not as a representative of any company I am associated with.

This agreement is valid from April 18th, 2018 to May 18th, 2018.

I hereby ask the media, law enforcement, politicians, the Special Counsel’s office, and the congress to investigate this matter and prosecute any criminal behavior which they find after investigating my work product.

I would view it as an honor to provide the $5 million to men and women who have defended my freedom – members of Trump’s campaign have attacked the very democracy which these brave people have bled to protect.

I tried everything I could to bring this to every journalist in the country. Unfortunately, I have been forced into this situation, because what I know to be true, others call “circumstantial”, so, I hereby risk everything I own, and my future earnings, in the defense of our republic.

Cyrus Massoumi                April 18th, 2018

In the event that no mainstream media sources report on this story, I will begin to buy advertising spots in major newspapers detailing the findings above, and those in articles linked herein.

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