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OMG: After Republican Senators Stabbed Trump in The Back, Laura Ingraham Leaked Their WORST Nightmare

Democrats are out for political blood, said Fox news contributor Laura Ingraham while telling Fox News’ “Hannity” that “a lot of them don’t want Donald Trump to succeed.”

Anti-Trump Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Thom Tillis recently made the headlines after they joined liberals in the battle against Trump.

The three of them managed to to kill the Obamacare repeal, call Trump’s supporters racist and expanding the Russia investigation. Laura managed to reveal their highest fear.

According to Subject Politics:

While Tucker Carlson was on a vacation with his family, Laura decided to take her chance and humiliate the three biggest American traitors.

“I have a question” Laura started. “Do you know what Liberal’s idea of Armageddon is? No, It’s not a nuclear North Korea, but a successful Trump presidency. Today is a 200th day of his administration.”

“On the right side, Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Thom Tillis, what unites all of them is their sad and pathetic fear and loathing President Trump.”

“These people are happiest when his numbers go down, when his legislation and conformation stall, even if their own numbers go down too, they don’t even care, and by the way their approval numbers have also went down.”

She said that Trump’s ratings are up to 38%, while showing results of Nancy Pelosi of 27% rating, Tillis with 29%, Mcconnell with 17% and Senator Schumer with 26%.

“President Trump have done a lot, even without Congress to make our lives better. Raise of stock market, business startup’s and the GDP are all up.” she continued.

“He has given relief to out Vets, he has phenomenal Justice confirm at the Supreme Court, he has 29 more points to be approved to other federal courts. He is the only living American politician.” she was finishing.

Well of all the mentioned politics above, we believe that President Trump did really made our lives better in the past year and a half at the White House. What is your opinion on his politics?

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