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FBI Director Wray Demands All Names Be Redacted From FISA Memo, Gets Brutal Response

FBI Director Christopher Wray has just demanded that all names be redacted from the FISA abuse memo. Now, he’s getting a brutal response, and rightfully so. You don’t want to miss this.

The battle between Democrats and Republicans has reached a fevered pitch as both liberals and deep state hacks continue to demand delays, redactions, and even the total suppression of the FISA memo. In the last day, liberals such as Adam Schiff (D-CA) have resorted to complete falsification and wild accusation in hopes that the FISA memo would be withheld from the American people.

At some point, people have to wonder whether former President Barack Obama is sitting behind a desk somewhere nervously biting his nails and smoking like a chimney, trying to deal with the anticipation of being exposed as the most corrupt person ever to step foot in the White House. If FBI Director Christopher Wray’s demands are met, that might never come to pass.

According to Fox News contributor Sara Carter, who recently spoke about the FISA memo with Fox News‘ Sean Hannity, FBI Director Wray and the Department of Justice are now requesting that all names in the FISA memo be redacted so that no one who has committed a crime within the FBI or government can be incriminated.

This move by FBI Director Christopher Wray and the DOJ just proves that there is a mountain of corruption that the deep state and the Democrats do not want to be revealed. Across the board, Democrats have come out with threats, accusations, pleadings, and demands with regard to the FISA memo’s release.

Most notably, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has requested that Paul Ryan (R-WI) remove Devin Nunes (R-CA) from his position as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

It’s actually quite entertaining to see the Democrats scramble like roaches when the lights come on. In addition, the brutal response FBI Director Wray received on Twitter after demanding that all names are redacted from the FISA memo is too good not to share.

The original Twitter post by Fox News contributor Sara Carter sparked outrage among many American patriots who want the FISA memo released — now.

“BREAKING: @FBI Director Christopher Wray and DOJ wants all names redacted from #FISAMemo putting pressure on White House and House Intelligence Committee, Government officials say … is releasing names a threat to national security?” Carter wrote.

The responses to Carter’s post came pouring in immediately. Below are just a few of our brutal favorites directed at Wray.

One Twitter user called “Hazel Eyes” said, “Why would the White House do that? Now people are just going to hate the whole agency and blame everyone. That’s a big smokescreen. People there want to stay on the payroll, is what it’s all about. I disagree with that request completely. We need to get rid of the bad apples.”


Brilliant and brutal at the same time. I could not agree more with the idea that only those individuals within the FBI who have committed wrongdoing should be publicly scorned and then prosecuted.

Another user, “I am Belle,” wrote, “Christopher Wray has no say in this. He can’t manipulate @realDonaldTrump, he should’ve started putting that 7th-floor dumpster fire out from day 1. He’s now compromised. He can walk! #WeThePeople want complete transparency #ReleaseTheMemo.”

Well said, Belle. Wray should have started doing his job on day one instead of allowing the deep state hacks in the FBI to continue their anti-Trump operations. Now, he’s part of the problem and should leave.

Twitter user “Redeemed Harvey” said, “@FBI director Wray needs to go. @TheJusticeDept if Sessions is going along with this, he needs to go. The American people deserve to know. This is getting ridiculous hiding stuff from citizens. Transparency please… #ReleaseBothMemos.”

It’s unfortunate to see FBI Director Christopher Wray picking the wrong side. He was hand-picked by President Donald Trump to lead the FBI in a new direction, but apparently, he’s decided to deviate from that plan.

The sooner President Trump finds a replacement for Wray, the better. His demand that all names be redacted from the FISA memo is just another attempt by the deep state to rob the American people of true justice.

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