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On yesterday’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network, Peter Schweizer who is an editor for Breitbart News and an author blew the lid off of the Obama Crime Syndicate.

Peter Schweizer, whose upcoming book, “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends,” explains how the Obama administration spent their whole eight years in office using regulations to help the president’s friends acquire more and more wealth.\

During Schweizer’s interview with Lou Dobbs, he explained and gave a whole roadmap as to what former President Barack Obama did to help his friends. Schweizer explained that Obama’s best friend, Marty Nesbitt set up an equity fund while his friend Obama was the regulator in chief. Then he invests in highly regulated industries.

As an example of this, the author stated that the Obama would decide that the for-profit University of Pheonix is not a good school so he would then regulate it through an executive order so the GI Bill money won’t be allowed to go there anymore. When this happens the stocks would go from $100 to $3 a share. So then comes Nesbitt and buys up as much stock as he can, and once he is done. Obama would turn around and said, “Now that I come to think of it, that was a mistake,” so he reverses the regulation which in turn puts the stock at over $100 again, making Nesbit have an enormous profit.

Via Breitbart:

‘Schweizer said, “Barack Obama’s best friend, a guy named Marty Nesbitt…sets up a private equity fund while his friend is the regulator-in-chief, and what he does is he invests in what he calls ‘highly-regulated industries.’ … And so, to give you one brief example, the University of Phoenix, the for-profit school, Barack Obama’s administration says, ‘We think this school is bad.

We’re going to suspend the Pentagon from using GI Bill money for soldiers to go to school there.’ Well, of course, the stock price goes from $100 a share to about $3 a share. Guess who steps in to buy it? Barack Obama’s best friend Marty Nesbitt and his company Vistria investors. They come in. They buy it for pennies on the dollar. And then lo and behold, the Obama administration says ‘You know what, we think we’re going to let GI money flow again back to the University of Phoenix.’ And that pattern is repeated over and over again in other sectors of the economy. It was rampant.”

This same pattern repeated over and over again in multiple areas of the economy. With Obama regulating, his friends such as George Soros buying and then changing his mind while at the same time making his friends billions.

So next time your liberal friends start saying “Obama’s time in office was scandal-free,” you can tell the story about the regulator in chief and how he manipulated the stock market into making his friends billions while regular folks like us paid the hefty price.

Here is more on Peter Schweizer’s new book, “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends:“

“From the New York Times bestselling author of Clinton Cash comes an explosive new political expose!

Peter Schweizer has been fighting corruption—and winning—for years. In Throw Them All Out, he exposed insider trading by members of Congress, leading to the passage of the STOCK Act. In Extortion, he uncovered how politicians use mafia-like tactics to enrich themselves. And in Clinton Cash, he revealed the Clintons’ massive money machine and sparked an FBI investigation.

Now he explains how a new corruption has taken hold, involving larger sums of money than ever before. Stuffing tens of thousands of dollars into a freezer has morphed into multibillion-dollar equity deals done in the dark corners of the world.

An American bank opening in China would be prohibited by US law from hiring a slew of family members of top Chinese politicians. However, a Chinese bank opening in America can hire anyone it wants. It can even invite the friends and families of American politicians to invest in can’t-lose deals.

President Donald Trump’s children have made front pages across the world for their dicey transactions. However, the media has barely looked into questionable deals made by those close to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mitch McConnell, and lesser-known politicians who have been in the game longer.

In many parts of the world, the children of powerful political figures go into business and profit handsomely, not necessarily because they are good at it, but because people want to curry favor with their influential parents. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the United States. But for relatives of some prominent political families, we may already be talking about hundreds of millions of dollars.

Deeply researched and packed with shocking revelations, Secret Empires identifies public servants who cannot be trusted and provides a path toward a more accountable government.’

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