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24Hrs After Vile Truth Comes Out, Lying Student Activist Leader Got WORST News Of His Life

Parkland student activist leader David Hogg’s 15 minutes of fame are about up and it can’t come a moment too soon. He’s enjoyed acting like an adult and getting a lot of attention on himself and his cause in doing so but he is now learning a real life lesson that there is a reaction to every action and it’s not always good. Everything is catching up to this entitled teen, 24 hours after the truth came out by his own admission after being caught contradicting himself and was unable to keep his story straight.

He thought he had the power over people and can tell adults and leaders what they have to do, but just got hit hard with the perfect karma that he had coming.

America is a nation of laws and even if you protest them, it doesn’t change the reality that they still exist regardless if you like them or not. That’s the case with the gun laws he despises so much, but they are still in place as a Constitutional right for citizens regardless of his public demands for people to disarm. This isn’t Nazi Germany despite this recent charade making it feel like it is, especially with the child props being used to push propaganda.

However, there are some other unfortunate rules beyond laws that also exist and they are now ruining the future Hogg thought he had just created for himself. Right after admitting to CBS that he didn’y personally know all of the victims killed at his school, despite making it seem different in earlier interviews, Hogg got some unpleasant news.

Hogg believes that he’s “changing the world,” of course, because he’s a narcissist and is loving all the attention, perpetuating deep divide, and seems to have mastered the art of lying to achieve his ulterior motives like many politicians do. If his plans are to become the next liberal leader, then he’s well on his way with the “skills” he’s learning over the last several weeks. However, he’s going to need an education to really qualify him and is learning that his attitude isn’t welcome at many top universities who are denying this petulant, entitled teen. In response to the bad news he’s not welcome there, he does what comes natural and threw a tantrum.

TMZ reports:

David Hogg helped spearhead a movement in the wake of the Parkland massacre that has resonated around the world, and you’d think colleges around the country would be clamoring to snag him, but sadly that’s not the case.

David has been rejected by the 4 University of California campuses where he submitted applications — UCLA, UCSD, UCSB and UC Irvine. He says the rejection letters came 2 weeks ago. He has a 4.2 GPA and an SAT score of 1270.

Schools claim extracurricular activities count, but if organizing the March For Our Lives wasn’t enough … it’s not clear what is. David is clearly disappointed.

Hogg obviously thought he was a shoo-in and could probably even get major universities to pay for him to be there. Truth is, not everyone cares about his activism which is all done in vain anyway pave a career path for himself. He’s not an activist, he’s an opportunist and learned to capitalize on tragedy just like all liberal leaders do.

Although he was rejected from several major schools that were his top picks, there were a few liberal campuses happy to take him in. “David got accepted at Cal Poly, Cal State San Marcos and Florida Atlantic University,” TMZ added. However, he’s not sure what he’ll actually do after graduating, which perhaps might not be college at all. He just seemed to want to complain about not getting accepted everywhere he applied, but wasn’t the only one denied.

“And David says fellow leader Ryan Deitsch also got rejected from the University of California system,” TMZ reported. “He says Emma Gonzalez will be going to the liberal arts school, New College of Florida.” that last part is no surprise. Liberal arts is a liberal’s favorite degree to get and is absolutely useless in real life.

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